Frequently Asking Questions

What is clinical esthetics and how it is different form any other?
Clinical esthetics is the next step from general esthetics that allows you to work with cosmeceuticals, analyze skin and prescribe treatment protocols for in-clinic procedures as well as for homecare, perform treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Laser/IPL Hair removal, Photorejuvenation, RF procedures; offer your services to medi-spas, dermatological clinics or run a clinic of your own. Clinical esthetics does not include injections or any other treatments that are out of our scope of practices.
What is medical esthetics?
Medical esthetics includes injections (Botox, fillers, mesotherapy), medical peels, as well as all of the clinical esthetics procedures.
Is this certificate valid everywhere?
Aesthetise certification is valid where the Canadian training standards are excepted. Due to the nature of this business every province, country or a city might have their own regulations, please check what they are before applying for the program.
How fast can I complete the program?
After a detailed discussion of your goals and experience, we will help you select the program that is best suited your personal needs. The training is knowledge based, which means, that once all the required material is covered and you successfully pass the applicable exams, you will graduate. In certain cases it might require less hours than listed.
Do I have to take the course to be a clinical esthetician?
You have to check the industry requirements specific to the area where you will be working, but in the province of Alberta you do not need a specific certification for that. Saying that though, I must add that this training will give you the advantage over your competitors to apply for a job to the most reputable clinics or successfully run your own. During this training you will build the confidence to work with the most advanced products and modalities, create loyal clientele, offer unique type of services at a professional level that is recognized everywhere.
What does it mean “virtual classroom”?
Virtual class room means that you attend a class via internet. It is not a self-study class, you are taught by a trainer real-time. You have the flexibility to work from a comfort of your own home, a café, a beach or any other place with internet connection. If there are practical hours required to complete the course, you will have an option to complete them at the clinic that we partner with or where you work. Please discuss your options in detail with our training director.
Do you offer job placement assistance?
Even though we do not offer that, we do everything in our power to help our graduates find a suitable place to work through our professional network.
What sort of financial aid available?
It is a private training and therefore no government educational loan is available through us, but we can still offer some payment options to help you. The receipt that you receive after graduation can be applied to your business taxes, but not personal.
Will the program prepare me to immediately offer advanced treatments like lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, acne treatment etc.?
Yes, this program is designed to prepare you to offer your services to clinics and clients right after graduation if you successfully complete the practical part of the training. You can also use your practice mentor and trainers as your references.
What is the average background of the instructors I will learn from?
Anyone who trains for Aesthetise is a professional clinical or medical esthetician with at least 5 years of experience in the industry. All our trainers are required to follow the professional trends via attending seminars, conferences, webinars and trade shows.
Do students work with recognized professional skincare or brand neutral product on the clinic floor?
We select only clinical brands to work with, those that offer a wide range of products and advance formulations. But the training is designed so that the students would focus on ingredients rather than on the brand itself, this way they are able to work effectively with any clinical brand.